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There is No Such Word as Focusi

focus May 25, 2020

Single Lens, Single Focus
I’m hyper-interested in just about…anything. Network technology. Family. Gardening. Guitar. Cooking. You name it – after getting past the initial barrier of resistance you face in learning any new topic, I’m all in. In one sense, I love this about myself – it feels like I would get bored standing in one place too long…but on the other hand, this attribute can leave me distracted, unfocused, and unproductive.

And that’s what hit me this morning…there is no plural form of focus (one could argue “focuses,” but that is clearly a verb describing the action of focusing). It’s a singular word. And I think that’s how we’re designed – we focus on our GOAL (singular); we speak of keeping our eyes on the PRIZE. Anything else is sub-par or offers a divided focus (which also feels sub-par).

Does that mean I need to only focus on one thing? Should I cut off my various income streams and settle on building only one (the advice was once offered to me, “burn the ships – don’t look back…”). It sounds and feels noble to do. I also feel a sense of relief just to think, “That means I’d only focus on that one thing?”

Until I think…what happens when I achieve that thing?

•When I build a successful business?
•When I create the ultimate training?
•When I record that viral video?
•When I master the guitar?

They all end…and the vacuum that remains then demands another goal…another focus. Unless…

Unless I take the time to search myself to define a single focus that doesn’t end. A unifying goal that the “sub-goals” feed into. There’s nothing wrong with saying, “I’ll be cleaning the house today.” Then defining sub-goals of “vacuum the carpet” and “wash the dishes.’

One might call this a mission or a vision…and maybe that’s what i’m after. But those words seem a bit lofty and slightly cliche.

I’m after the single focus that defines the course for all my activities, clarifying which are purposeful and which are simply distractions or “interesting hobbies.”


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