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Getting Started with NetBox

Learn what you need to know about NetBox!

  • Don't create a massive documentation system that never gains traction/acceptance. Simple is best! NetBox provides exactly what you need for critical network information in your environment.
  • Are you replicating the same network documentation information into multiple systems? Are they drifting apart? STOP! Create a single source of truth that all other systems pull from with the NetBox API.
  • Make network documentation the START of the process of deploying devices. Do it once with NetBox and generate everything else automagically.
  • What if you could combine Google-like speed and accuracy with your network documentation to find exactly what you're looking for when you need it? Welcome to NetBox.

What you get:

Lesson 01: What is Netbox?
Lesson 02: Installing Netbox in 10 minutes or less

Lesson 02.1 Keep NetBox up and running after reboot

Lesson 03: Familiarizing Yourself with the Netbox Interface
Lesson 04: The Netbox Bottom-up Plan
Lesson 05: The Core of Everything - Your First Netbox Site
Lesson 06: Netbox Site Region Tenant Design Examples
Lesson 07: Adding in Racks
Lesson 08: Device Roles
Lesson 09: Device Types
Lesson 10: Device Type Components
Lesson 11: Rack and Stack
Lesson 12: Cabling
Lesson 13: Power
Lesson 14: IPAM, the big picture
Lesson 15: IPAM, RIRs and Aggregates
Lesson 16: IPAM, Prefixes and IP Addresses the Right Way
Lesson 17: IPAM, Prefixes and IP Addresses the Engineers way
Lesson 18: IPAM, VLANs and VLAN Groups
Lesson 19: Circuits, DC Connection
Lesson 20: Summary and Moving Forward