$25.00 USD

Understanding and Deploying DMARC 101

Learn the skills required to understand, plan, configure and deploy DMARC for your organization. We will implement DMARC using a real-world domain environment to achieve improved email delivery rates and DMARC alignment!

What you'll get:

  • Understanding of the DMARC standard and 2024 email security changes affecting YOU!
  • The REAL DMARC implementation process that keeps your team's email flowing.
  • Understanding requirements to achieve DMARC alignment (DMARC, SPF, and DKIM working together)

Course Content:

  • What is DMARC
  • Three Things DMARC Solves (and doesn't!)
  • DMARC Configuration Process
  • Configuring Initial DMARC Monitoring
  • Configuring SPF Records Based on DMARC Results
  • Adding an SPF Vendor
  • SPF Record Best Practices
  • Understanding DKIM and how it works
  • Adding a DKIM Vendor
  • Achieving DMARC Alignment

Stay tuned for our upcoming DMARC 202 course: Monitoring, Maintaining, and Supporting DMARC!